Wasen in San Francisco  
Dear Toshihiko-san,

I just wanted to share the news about my latest display of wasen models. This is my fourth model display of this type and it is the largest one I’ve done. Last time, I had 3 models on display. This time, I have added the boat workshop display and the Tosa Wasen.

I hope that in time people in San Francisco will become more interested and familiar with Japanese boats. I also hope to some day find a permanent location for the display. But, for now, a lot of tourists and Mall visitors will get a chance to see them. Some day, I think I would like to do a more focussed display on one matter of wasen. Perhaps something about bezaisen, or maybe about the boats or one type or from one region. There are many possibilities. Currently, the display window that I use is usually empty. So, there are many opportunities to educate the public if I can manage the time and expense.

You have helped me learn about wasen construction, which helped to bring about the two newest models. So, I am very thankful to you, Tanimura-san, and of course to Douglas Brooks. Of course, I still have much to learn, and I will continue to work hard.

Best Regards,
Clare Hess



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